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The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

What is gold rush all about?

We are making saving on your grocery shopping simple. With exciting offers on your daily essentials, we ensure that your savings multiply. With Gold Rush, our exciting scheme for your everyday grocery shopping, we not only promise the benefits of saving with great discounts but also a gold coin at the end of two months. All you need to do is shop for your regular groceries with Kirana11.

Kirana11 ensures more than just savings on your grocery shopping. Shop for a total of Rs. 11,011 before 31st March 2018 and get an assured gold coin of 0.5g free.

Keep shopping, keep saving!

1. How do I get the gold coins?

Shop on the Kirana11 app or website between February 1st and March 31st, 2018 and if your accumulated shopping value is more than Rs. 11,011 during this period you will get 0.5 gms of gold coin.

2. How will I get to know my shopping value?

Kirana 11 will send across to you the shopping value once every week through SMS and email.

3. How many gold coins can one get?

Only one gold coin will be issued on shopping of Rs 11,011 and above. No multiple coins will be issued if you shop for double the value of the shopping slab.

4. How many gold coins are up for grabs?

We have minimum of 1000 and maximum of 2000 Gold coins (each weighing 0.5g).

5. How many times should one shop to reach the shopping slab to get the assured gift?

There is no restriction on the number of times one can shop on the website or on the app. Gold coins are issued on first come first serve basis, so reaching the slab early will ensure you receive yours.

6. When and where will I receive my gold coin?

Assured gifts will be issued from 11th April 2018 onwards. You must come to Kirana11 gift collection centre to collect your assured gift.

7. Where is Kriana11 gift collection centre located?

#51, 3rd floor, Leela Palace road HAL 2nd stage Kodihalli Bengaluru- 560008

8. When is the last date to get the gold coin?

Last date is on March 31st, 2018 11:59 pm.

9. Will I get 2 gold coins if I shop for double the shopping slab?

No, you will receive only one gold coin.

10. Will I get the assured gift if I shop on both the app as well as the website?

Yes, we will consider your shopping value on both the platforms.

11. What happens if I reach the shopping slab after the number of gold coins are exhausted?

Gold coins are valid on first come first serve basis, shop early to reach the shopping slab and get your assured gifts.

12. How can I check how many gold coins are available once I start shopping with Kirana11?

Kirana 11 will send across the details to you on a weekly basis.

13. Is the gold coin offered as assured gift 24 karat gold?

Yes. We will be issuing certified 24 karat gold coins.

14. Is this contest restricted to the areas Kirana11 is servicing?

Yes. This contest is applicable only for the shoppers within the servicing area.

15. Can participants who live outside of Bengaluru be part of this campaign?

No, this contest is applicable only for residents of Bengaluru.

1. The promotion “The Gold Rush” is valid from 1/02/2018 to 31/03/2018

2. This promotion is valid only in Bengaluru in select locations only

3. Any kind of coupons or discounts will not be applicable on baby food products

4. Any customer/user who shops for a minimum sum of Rs. 11,011 between Feb 2nd to Mar 31st, 2018, will be eligible get 0.5g Gold coin on first come first serve basis. Maximum of 2000 0.5g gold coins will be issued.

5. Customer/user can get maximum of 1 gold coin (0.5G)

6. To Collect 0.5g gold coin customer must come to Kirana11/ planet 11 ecommerce solution India Pvt. Ltd gift collection center which is in 3rd Floor #51, Leela Palace Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bengaluru - 560008

7. The Customer shall not make any specific demand in respect of brand / make, variation in design, colour, shape or otherwise the physical appearance /gifts offered / own by him / her, under this promotion.

8. Customer will not qualify for gold coin if the order placed is cancelled after Mar 31st 2018.

9. Kirana11/Planet 11 ecommerce solution India pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any issues related to service, installation and delivery of the prizes issued to the participants.

10. The scheme is solely of the Retail Customers, the employees and their close relatives & Advertising Agency of kirana11 and planet11 ecommerce solution India Private Limited participating in this consumer promotion will not qualify for this offer. Not valid for Bulk/ or institutional sales

11. Kirana11 or Planet11 ecommerce solution India Pvt. Ltd. reserves its right to disqualify any customer from the scheme, for misconduct and the same cannot be challenged.

12. Participant must collect 0.5g gold coin on or before April 31st, 2018. If the participant fails to collect the gold coin before the mentioned date, Kirana11/ Planet11 ecommerce solution India Pvt. Ltd will issue the gold coin to next eligible participant or can withhold the gifts without giving any prior notice.

13. Gold coin (cannot be exchanged for cash) and non-transferable.

14. The offer is at the sole discretion of Kirana11 or Planet11 ecommerce solution India Pvt. Ltd. Kirana11 or Planet11 ecommerce solution India Pvt. Ltd. reserves its right to alter / modify / change any / all the terms and conditions (or) totally withdraw the offer any time during the offer period, without assigning any reason and without any prior notice to the general public / customers.

15. The pictures, visual depiction shown / described in any promotional advertisement / material are only indicative nature and may not be the actual prizes.

16. The decision of Kirana11 /Planet 11 ecommerce solution India Private Limited with regard to the offer / promotion is final and binding on the customers.

17. All Disputes shall be subjected to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Bangalore.