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What benefits do I get from Kirana11?

The art of selling smart online will help you grow business. Kirana 11 will help you in 11 different ways to grow your business.

Cash Support

Earn extra money by registering your existing customers and servicing them on time every time.

Secure & Faster Payment

We promise to clear your payments which we have collected from the customers through online payment within 4 days (TBD) from the date of transaction.

Sales Support

We are investing 11 crs in Bangalore to increase your business through different coupons and promotions which will be done for your stores to increase sales

K11 Extra revenue

Will Create new revenue streams in your stores by creating in-store branding space which can be sold to other brands to generate additional revenue

Credit Assist

We trust you and offer a credit risk sharing benefit to your customer on your behalf.

K11 Products & Deals

Kirana 11 will source products & deals directly from brands to increase your profit margins

Customer Support & Training

We will attend your customer queries for 6 days a week 10 hrs a day. We will Train and support your delivery chain to increase service efficacy

Smart Inventory

We help you build right inventory and reduce aging stocks by robust tech support

Digital Presence

Sell your products on 3 sales channel of Kirana 11. We offer website, Whatsapp and call centre to sell your inventory and make your regular customer shop more than 4 times a month with your store.

We will bring in required insights & trends to increase your business and help you build the right product mix.

Unlimited business hours

Your grocery shop is never shut, through our digital presence we offer business hours throughout the day 365days a year

How it Works?

Step 1

Set up your store online

Our executives will set up your store online and help you create a high-quality catalogue

Step 2

Customer will place orders online

Customers across your area will with 2-3 kms will place orders. As soon as you receive an order you can view and manage it using an easy to use order management app

Step 3

You will deliver the orders

Deliver the orders with in the time slot opted by customers.

Step 4

Receive payment

If it’s cash on delivery, collect it from customers. If its online payment, will deposit directly into your bank account within 7 days

We deduct fees only after you make sale and ensure you get timely payment

Step 5

Grow your business

Get customized tips and suggestions to boost your performance and increase your sales.

What are the Fees?

Enjoy 2 months’ free service from 3rd month onwards we will collect different commission for different categories which will be discussed before onboarding.

Documents Required

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  • PAN No.
  • Bank Account Details

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